Ritorno a me

I have returned once more.
Unchanged, as have you.
Original post was written 3 years ago, almost to the day. Never published, just held waiting for a chance to be set free. and today i let go.
I am ready to dabble. a taste of things placed before me, but no morsel shall turn into a full meal.
And with each trial I will leave behind the remnants of what I prefer to waste. for commitment is not necessary. not even to you.
I take delight in knowing this. that I can walk away anytime.

This is the motivation of a true dilettante.


Is this a one time dabble?

Suffice to say this may be the first and the last post. It may be one of those attempts at something that just gets left off because of little time or interest. Though this is more of a curious showing to quell the "You haven't written in a while -- when are you going to again?" it may be a chance to prove that I still have that voice swirling inside of me.

It would be easy to say that my life is now on pause for the endless needs of family, home and work, but it truly is on play now. The voice comes out when reality is on abeyance and those demands can be shuffled off to the corner for a moment or two.

And purpose, what of that? David Hume knew well that “A purpose, an intention, a design, strikes everywhere the careless, the most stupid thinker." This writing is purposeless until a commitment is made and I may choose to remain the .

Content's path is endless and infinite, yielding to the placement of words; yet meaningless if roped into constancy. Perhaps that is my inability to edit focus decry. So I will dabble.

If I return.